Kyburg Craft Beer

Craft beer is an artisanal beer brewed in small quantities. Craft beers are increasingly found on the shelves, which creates the need for high-quality packaging in order to position them in the market. Digital technology is generally best suited for producing such a small series, but this does not mean that high-quality embellishment and haptic effects have to be sacrificed. In the combination of analog and digital technology, it is possible to produce small runs economically, as in this case. 

For more information on optimizing the design for production with the combined technologies see the article "analog meets digital".

Design features

Kyburg Craft Beer: The production steps

Step 1 - Applying the metallic effects

Step 2: Printing the colors

Step 3: Embossing of haptic effects and nano/micro patterns 

Analog vs Digital

With the application of haptic effects as well as nano and micro embossing in the blind embossing process, both the metallization and the substrate are being enhanced


Inline Production | Embellishment on Pantec RHINO®


Design: Oliver Jung (

Print: All4Labels Hamburg 

Tools: Hinderer + Mühlich

Cold Foil: Kurz DM-Jetliner

Close Ups

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