Prestigious look for label & packaging

Hologram and patch insetting


Holograms and patches are popular refining features to achieve a prestigious look on labels or packagings. Furthermore they can be part of amazing security features  when combined with other printing technologies . Pantec GS Systems provides insetting technologies in rotary as well as in flat bed.

Massless foil movement for high precision and speed:

Rotary hologram insetting

The massless vacuum technology of Pantec GS Systems allows high precision hologram placement at highest speed. The hologram streams are driven by very fast, individual servo drives and a slight vacuum. Despite the very fast movement with up to 20 cycles/s, the great absence of inertia forces by the vacuum technology allows best register for insetting the individual hologram on the web.

Solutions for rotary hologram insetting

High precision with flat bed

Flat bed hologram insetting

When it´s up to hologram insetting in a flat bed process a highly precise foil feed is a must - especially when the hologram should be combined with an embossing. Pantec GS Systems has developed a very robust, precisely moving mechanical dancer system combined with a servo controlled foil tension to achieve a stable flat bed foil release.

Solutions for flat bed hologram insetting

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