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High productivity - longer machine life

We suppose that your decision for Pantec refining equipment is very much related to a deep rooting of your business in productivity   and an engaged, endless quest for new, outstanding design opportunities for your customers.  We absolutely share these values with you and aim to give you the most professional service to support you keeping your leading position in the long term with the best availability and utilization of your Pantec equipment.

Evaluation services
The right solution for you

Consulting and Business case calculation

The decision for the right decoration technology is a quite complex one - same as the decision for an in-line or off-line integration. It depends on web material, design requirements, batch sizes, etc. Our experienced print consultants lead you through this process to find a  sustainable solution for you.

Job evaluation

Most of our customers come with highly demanding decoration requirements, e.g. outstanding embossing, registration precision and special substrates etc. It goes without saying that we provide you with all our machine equipment to test your required job before you go for a Pantec equipment.

Integration service
The perfect fit for your printing line with Pantec decoration equipment

The hub for all your after sales requirements

Pantec Online Services (POS)
Available almost any time!

Many questions can readily be solved from the distance. For this purpose, we offer the PANTEC Online Service (POS). POS is PANTEC’s Internet-based remote diagnosis and remote maintenance service.

Avoidance of downtime

  • Fast and direct access to your machine
  • Online error analysis
  • Adjustments and troubleshooting

Online Maintenance

  • Updating of machine software

During the warranty period of your machine POS is free and includes online application and service support. 
After warranty we provide POS in highly attractive service agreement packages.

With these packages you profit from first class system availability and free extended hours support in case of failure. This makes service costs easy to calculate.


Onsite support
In-plant service all around the world

Original spare parts supply
High quality and reliability with fast direct delivery


Your know-how advantage

Service agreements
All in package for peace of mind