RHINO™: Virtuosity of flat embossing directly in the line

RHINO™ brings the quality of sheet fed hot foil embossing, attractive patch placement for prestige markets and hologram stamping for security into web presses.

Consistently designed for in-line economy

  • High frequency stamping for high press speed (up to 25´000 strokes/h)
  • Quick job change (no format parts) for high press availability
  • Crosswise foiling and multistroking allow single pass production of multifoil designs
  • Reduced per-unit costs (no off-line preparation, less maculation)
  • Up to two foil saving servos
  • Significantly reduced cycle times for orders

Leading Technology for brilliant designs

  • Perfect embossing results on rough papers du to high stamping pressure and zero tolerance foil embossing
  • High relief depths with single tool precision
  • The precise processing time independently of the production speed and the uniform embossing pressure with a 2-eccentric shaft for the hub guarantee a stable quality

The long – flat bed - dwell time of RHINO™ with its high speed optimized impression cam, masters all kind of substrates – also uncoated materials - easily. Even certain plastics can be embossed. Moreover, comparing to rotary foiling, the considerably lower cost flat bed foil can be used to lower the foil cost and to achieve sharpest edges with “hard” foils.

>> What is crosswise foiling and multistroking?

RHINO™ product series: overview

RHINO™ product series: details


Hologram insetting and complex multi-foil designs at 25´000 strokes per hour


RHINO™ II 410 is the most powerful in-line flat bed embosser in the market. RHINO II is operating on a speed of up to 25’000 cycles per hour for multi-stepping designs. These 7 strokes per second allow production at high speed with cost effective tools. A 2-step design, for example, runs up to 84 m/min and 3-step design up to 57 m/min. RHINO™ II also accommodates one or two foil stepping servo levels for independent patterns. 6 individually controllable heating zones for maximum flexibility in heat management on demanding multi-step designs complete the unique functionality.

RHINO™ II 410 at a glance

  • Revolvable head for length- and crosswise foiling allow complex single pass multi-step designs
  • 25´000 strokes / hour
  • Toolsize of 410 x 410 mm
  • 6 independent heating zones for optimal foiling temperatur for every foil
  • Two foil savings steps
  • Optional upgrade for registered application of prestigious holograms

RHINO™ I 410

Complex multi-foil designs at 18´000 strokes per hour

RHINO™ I 410

RHINO™ I 410 is the perfect flat bed embossing system for medium speed printing presses. With its revolving head and its 18´000 cycles / hour the system provides rather complex multistepping / multifoil designs with a tool dimension of 410 mm (width) and 410 mm (length) at high web speed.

RHINO™ I 410 at a glance

  • Revolvable head for length- and crosswise foiling allow complex single pass multi-step designs
  • 18´000 strokes / hour
  • Toolsize of 410 x 410 mm
  • 1 heating zone
  • Shared foil saving stream for all foils


RHINO™ I 250

2-foil designs at 20´000 strokes per hour

RHINO™ I 250

With a tool length of 250 mm RHINO™ I 250 offers highly brilliant foil embossing for 1 and 2 step designs. Its fixed foil head in crosswise direction and its operating performance of 20’000 cycles / hour makes RHINO™ I 250 the perfect refining station for high quality labels with a lower number of foils.

RHINO™ I 250 at a glance

  • Fixed foil head for crosswise foiling
  • 20´000 strokes / hour
  • Toolsize of 410 x 250 mm (w x l)
  • 1 heating zone
  • Shared foil saving stream for all foils




RHINO™ I 330

Complex multi-foil designs at 15´000 strokes per hour
Optimized for semi-rotary machines

RHINO™ I 330

With RHINO™ I 330 Pantec offers a flat bed embossing system perfectly fitting for the refining requirements on semi-rotary machines.

RHINO™ I 330 at a glance

  • Fixed foil head for crosswise foiling
  • 15´000 strokes / hour
  • Toolsize of 410 x 330 mm (w x l)
  • Shared foil saving stream for all foils

A resulting web speed of 30 m/min for complex multi-stepping / multi-foil designs make RHINO™ I 330 the first choice when it´s up to small batch high quality labels on semi-rotary presses . 

Gallus TCS 250 integration is available, either into the semi-rotary section or after the semi-rotary section. Integrated into the semi-rotary section is preferable, although more costly. It allows varnishing and printing with offset, flexo and screen on top of the stamped area.


Pantec GS Systems has the technology to integrate into the semi-rotary section in front of

finishing modules of any semi-rotary machine, without major developments on the machine

manufacturer’s side. However, please contact us to evaluate the integration in your semi-rotary press.


Technical Data


RHINO™ I 250

RHINO™ I 330

RHINO™ I 410


Web direction

mm both both both / L>R both / L>R

Embossing (stamping) width, max. 

mm 410 330 410 410

Embossing (stamping) length, max. 

mm 250 410 410 410

Web width, max. ii 

mm 420 (435) 350 420 (435) 420 (435)

Number of strokes, max. 

/ hour










Speed, mechanical max.

m/min 84 30 120 150

Embossing force, max. 

tons 25 33 40 50

Electrical heating, # of zones, max. temperature 

# / °C 

1 / 150 1 / 150 1 / 150 6 / 180

Foiling (Option)

Foiling head direction 

across across revolving revolving

Foil width 

mm 20 .. 260 20 .. 420 20 .. 420 20 .. 420

Hologram (Option)

Hologram streams, across, max. 

N/A N/A N/A 2