Pantec GS Systems products are designed for efficiency considering speed, width, robustness and fast job change. Unlike normal finishing units Pantec GS Systems machines are normally keeping up with the required speed of a press. So they can be integrated into any press or alternatively can be used offline - just depending on the business case.



In-Line in a printing press

Packaging printing presses are often equipped with die cutters of sheeter. Which reduce their speed. CHEETAH is fast and reliable. Customers choose in-line because single pass efficiency gain and the ability to overprint make the system more efficient compared to separate processes.
Moreover the differentiation of overprinting capability adds to the attractiveness.

e-pack™ (off-line)

Rotary Finishing Line (Off-line)

e-pack is a flexible line concept that allows integration of multiple Pantec CHEETAH systems, but also third-party modules (e.g. embosser, sheeter stacker, un- & rewind modules)

Off-line Integration

Whenever hot foiling slows down the overall production process and no overprinting is required, off-line refining can be a very economic choice. Pantec GS Systems machines break the existing rules of off-line systems. With speeds up to 150m/min, off-line refining with Pantec GS systems equipment is much more efficient than with currently available finishing equipment.